Sadashivatva means the space of Sadashiva. In this space is where you will be manifesting all the shaktis (superpowers) of Sadashiva. You will be initiated into manifesting and expressing all these powers within the 21 day program. Sadashivata is offered completely FREE of cost for all those who are currently adheenavasis and those who want to be become adheenavasis. During the program, you will be learning not just how to manifest these powers yourself but also how you can help others manifest them as well! You will get initiated into the following powers and much more:

You will be initiated into manifesting and expressing all the above powers within the 21 day program, and will start expressing all of these powers in the 21 days itself.

The only purpose of human life is to manifest Sadashivatva and help others manifest Sadashivatva




How to register

If you are very clear that you want to be an Aadheenavasi and are ready to wrap up all your commitments and move to Bengaluru Aadheenam, you can register for the Sadashivatva program.

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