Sadashivatva - 21-day Orientation Retreat

Sadashivatva is all about you Manifesting all the shaktis of Sadashiva. You will be initiated into manifesting and expressing all the above powers within the 21 day program, and will start expressing all of these powers in the 21 days itself.

What is the cost of attending Sadashivatva program?

Sadashivata is offered completely FREE of cost for all those who are currently adheenavasis and those who want to be become adheenavasis. This program is exclusively for adheenavasis and adheenavasi applicants, only!

Who is an Adheenavasi?

Aadheenivasi is one who decides to live with Swamiji in Bengaluru Aadheenam for the rest of their lives.

No requirement of having attended ANY program. Aadheenavasis commit to living an authentic, Hindu lifestyle, celebrating life. You will enjoy a morning routine structured with your physical, physiological, psychological and spiritual health in mind, and afterwards, throughout the day, volunteer your time in one of the departments of the Aadheenam.

All your needs will be provided for, including accommodation, food, medical attention, personal care items, etc. All your travel expenses for personal reasons will be covered by you. For example, if you need to exit the country to renew your visa, you are responsible to cover the costs. All Aadheenam related travel will be covered by the Aadheenam; for example, if you go to a destination program, your airfare or train ticket, as well as all food and hotel stay, will be covered.

Manifesting Sadashivatva and helping others manifest Sadashivatva will be your life context.

You can bring your children along with you. They will join the gurukul. You can even bring your pets with you; they will be initiated by Swamiji Himself into Samaya Deeksha, living with integrity to Sadashiva, and will be provided pure vegetarian food.

Vedagamic (Hindu) lifestyle is followed by all adheenavasis - no other religious practices are to take place here. Sattvic vegetarian organic food is served, prepared as per Bhagya Shastra, Sadashiva's cookbook.

Aadheenivasis follow the aadheenam routine -practicing daily yoga, puja (gratitude offering ritual), watching satsang daily; besides their department seva.

Manifesting Shaktis

All Adheenavasis are Nithyananda Yogis, members of a New Species of Beings who manifest the Shakthis of Sadashiva. Adheenavasis live a lifestyle of divine luxury, in which the singular goal of human life is striven for in every possible way, every single day. That goal is to manifest Sadashivatva, the cognition that Sadashiva is expressing as the very self, and to help others manifest Sadashivatva, also.

Shakthis are the divine powers that manifest through the space of Shaktipada, Oneness, with Sadashiva. Shakthis are not Siddhis; Siddhis are developed through strenuous seeking and tapas, disciplined self effort. Shakthis, on the other hand, are 460 powers that flower purely from the grace of Sadashiva, beginning with Third Eye opening, and including remote viewing, seeing while blindfolded, scanning a body for illnesses and injuries through X-ray like vision, moving solid objects through the will, breaking and then healing objects, answering any question, even materialization and teleportation, simply flower. When these Shakthis manifest, the being through whom they manifest naturally raises into a new and higher cognition about self; Sadashivatva happens.