Frequently Asked Questions

1Who is Sadashiva and what is Sadashivatva?
Sadashiva is the Ultimate state of being who is the infinite expression of manifest and unmanifest aspects of Existence. Sadashivatva is the peak infinite expression of creation, sustenance, destruction, delusion and liberation from the infinite unmanifest immediately. Sadashivatva is all about manifesting powers, powers of Sadashiva, state of Sadashiva, space of Sadashiva.
2Why should I attend Sadashivatva?
Sadashivatva is the purpose of every human birth by living and celebrating Shaktipada, by making the past life of logic irrelevant. You will manifest Sadāshiva’s creation aspect, sustenance aspect, destruction aspect, delusion aspect; liberation aspect, from the unmanifest as parts of you in a protected, controlled and loving ambience of an Aadheenam forever. Only an incarnation like Swamiji Paramahamsa Nithyananda (the embodiment of Sadashiva Himself) can prepare and guide you to be in Shaktipada with Him to manifest the unmanifest without even waiting for you logically to get convinced. Being an Aadheenavasi is nothing but being in continuous Shaktipada with Sadashiva (Swamiji), Guru Himself which is not possible when you are living outside in the maya matrix community and society. When you are living Sadashivatva, you can manifest anything you want into reality by your very SEE, beyond human mind, logic or effort. When you decide to start living as Sadashiva - the borrowed desires and lifestyle rules in the maya matrix will become irrelevant.
3What will be different in my life and lifestyle after Sadashivatva?
You will live a life of pure fulfillment and bliss and will be manifesting shaktis for the smallest to the largest ideas and concepts so that you are no longer living a life trapped in the lifestyle of maya matrix.
4Will it be more beneficial for someone who has attended IA and Sadashivoham?
Surely it will help if one has attended Inner Awakening program before attiending Sadashivatva.
5I have not attended any programs, will 21 days of Sadashivatva still raise me to the frequency of an Aadheenavasi? I am brand new, not yet attended Inner Awakening, have so much of SDHD, will I still be able to manifest in the 21 day program?
Yes, the manifestation of Shaktis, your Sadashivatva is not dependent on your qualification, it is just dependent on who is initiating you. Swamiji is the embodiment of Sadashiva Himself.
6Will I be able to own a property outside the Aadheenam?
7Can I start a business that will help fulfill the consumable needs of the Aadheenam and world wide sangha (example organic cleaning supplies,etc)
Only approved pro-sangha business can be carried on.
8Will I be allowed to generate personal income and maintain my own bank balance?
Yes. Some rules apply as per the law of the land.
9What will be my connection with my non-Aadheenam family, relatives and friends?
You will be representing Swamiji at all times inside and outside the Nithyananda Aadheenam. You will hold yourself and conduct yourself the way Sadashiva would hold Himself and conduct Himself.
10I would like to be a Aadheenavasi while my spouse/ children wants to maintain or her job / business /education outside? We would like to visit each other once a month.
It is a case by case specific decision.
11Can I attend celebrations or medical needs of family members outside the Aadheenam?
12Do I have to wrap up all my commitments and responsibilities before becoming an Aadheenavasi?
Yes. All commitments and responsibilities in the maya matrix has to be completed and wrapped up before May 12, 2017. If you have attended an IA previously, you may wrap-up and attend up until May 23, 2017.
13Can an Aadheenavasi rotate his/her roles and responsibilities in different departments?
It is possible with the permission of the department heads.
14Do I need a spiritual name, and do I need to change my name legally to the spiritual name?
Yes you will be blessed with a spiritual name specific to your being. You will need to legally change your name on your photo IDs.
15Can I avail family accommodation? (couples and kids living together?)
It is possible to have a family accommodation.
16If my kids grow up and decide to take on life outside the Aadheenam, will they be banned from entering the ashram? Can i communicate or visit them?
They won't be banned and you can communicate and visit them. More on this subject will be discussed during Sadashivatva in May.
17Are there specific guidelines if I wish to marry?
Anyone wishing to marry will have to commit to a lifestyle of a Nithyananda Rishi order Aadheenavasi.
18Will my immigration needs such as visa be taken care of?
It depends. if there are expenses related to your visa due to traveling abroad for the sangha, then yes.
19Are there specific dress-codes for Aadheenavasis while inside the Aadheenam and while outside traveling for personal purpose?
During Sessions: White with gold bolder traditional Indian attire (e.g., doti, kurta, sari) during Sadashivatva sessions and any color traditional Indian attire during non-sessions.
Regular Yoga sessions: bring loose comfortable clothes that allow you to easily do yoga postures and they must be all black. Shiva Khamba and Rope Yoga: Females are required to bring tights and a t-shirt (tight fitting/spandex) and for males, shorter shorts and fitting t-shirt so legs can wrap around a pole. This again must be all black attire.
In adherence to the Ashram dress code and with respect to the Vedic culture, male and female participants are not to wear tank tops, tube tops, shorts and hot pants. Please also refrain from wearing scooped necklines, transparent or tight fitting clothing (when not in yoga). Please dress modestly in clothing that covers your shoulders, midriff and legs to the ankles. Despite climate demands, your cooperation and understanding in this matter is highly appreciated. It is important to remember that as an aadheenavasi, you are representing the sangha and must dress accordingly even while outside the Aadheenam.