All participants are required to watch the following videos as part of the Nithyananda University orientation course for becoming an Aadheenavasi.

These videos introduce the fundamental cosmic principles of the self (Jeeva), the universe (Jagat) and God (Ishwara). In these videos, Paramahamsa Nithyananda reveals the eternal truths described in the Vedas, Agamas & Upanishads - foremost scriptures of the Sanatana Hindu Dharma.

Completing this course will give you a fundamental and core understanding of who we are, what is the universe, how did the universe come into existence, what happens when we die, how reincarnation and multiple births work, who is God, how God operates and His many aspects. Knowledge of these basic questions about life is a fundamental requirement to become an Aadheenavasi and live a liberating life on the path of enlightenment in Adi-Kailash.

All participants are required to bring the following along with them on arrival:

  • 1. Police verification certificate from home area station (for last 10 years)
  • 2. Original ID i.e passport or Aadhar card if from within India
  • 3. Certified copies of school and college certificates or original letter from school
  • 4. Black dress: tracks pants and t-shirt (for Yoga)
  • 5. Indian traditional dress (Aadheenam dress code)
  • 6. 2 Passport Sized Photos
  • 7. Phone, money, etc. as needed
  • 8. Laptop/mobile phone/iPad/tablet
  • 9. A brief bio-data of family history, education and work experience and art and hobbies
  • 10. Certified copy of address proof by commissioner of oath of justice of peace.
  • 11. Certified copies of work reference by justice of peace or commissioner of oath.
  • 12. Minimum 6 months visa to stay in India at one stretch

Participants are also required to bring their medical test reports as follows:

  • a. Complete blood count with peripheral smear
  • b. Blood group
  • c. fasting and post prandial blood sugar
  • d. Renal function tests - blood urea and serum creatinine
  • e. Liver function tests - total bilirubin, direct bilirubin SGOT SGPT S. Alkaline phosphatase
  • f . Complete Lipid profile
  • g. Serum Electrolytes
  • h. Serum Calcium
  • i. Serum uric acid
  • j. VDRL
  • k. HbsAg
  • l. HIV
  • m. Thyroid function tests - serum T3, T4 TSH
  • n. ECG
  • o. Xray chest
  • p. Ultrasound abdomen
  • q. ECHO
  • r. TMT
NOTE: All reports should be original and translated in english if language is different. All medical tests should be no more then 2 months old if done in your own countries. Doing these tests in India (after your arrival - will cost Rs.7000) - however you need to arrive 2 days early if you want to do tests in India. All reports should be original and translated in english if language is different.